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After all, Renault 4L can fly.  And at a speed of 94 km / h - Monitor

After all, Renault 4L can fly. And at a speed of 94 km / h – Monitor

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Renault is committed to restoring the late 4L, a simple, cheap model designed for families with less resources, for commuting in cities and on the road. But this did not prevent him from serving farmers and fishermen for years, who drove along dirt roads and in less favorable terrain, as if it were some kind of poor jeep.

Reclaiming the 4L’s ability to “fly” on the roads in less than repaired condition, Renault decided to celebrate 60 years of the 4L model with the unveiling of the Air4. Basically, a Renault drone with four engines on a four-propeller frame.

To design this Air4 flying prototype, Renault teamed up with The Arsenale, which used its engineers, using artificial intelligence to improve the car. The batteries powering the drone have a capacity of 90 Ah (not far from 94 Ah for a BMW i3), with Renault not detecting all items to determine total capacity, nor does it mention system voltage. However, if you use the same 400 volts as the Renault Zoe, the Air4’s battery should provide just under 40 kWh.

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Air4 guarantees a speed of 26 m / s, which is equivalent to about 93.6 km / h. In other words, it is not far from the top speed of the original Renault 4 car. The new Air4 can still fly at 700 metres, and take off at 14 m/s (50 km/h) thanks to a thrust of 95 kg per propeller making a total lift capacity of 380 kg.

Despite the curiosity raised about the Air4, we still have to see details of the future 4Ever, the electric car that Renault will market in 2025. Renault 4’s successor will be built on the same specific EV platform that will also be used by the Mégane 100% battery, or the future R5 .

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