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After all, Ricciardo and Joanna were already having sex inside the 'BB' house and had code with the production - Nacional

After all, Ricciardo and Joanna were already having sex inside the ‘BB’ house and had code with the production – Nacional

. If in the past it was possible to see what, even for a few seconds


When asked about it, Christina Ferreira said it was Endemol’s decision not to show sex scenes between competitors. Although in other countries where “Big Brother” is broadcast, these images are broadcast, with guarantees of later times.

So there was still a question: Did Ricardo and Joanna already have sex?

Manuel Luis Josha, at the party on Sunday November 6, hinted that this problem was resolved a long time ago. Suspended when speaking to Ricardo at the confession center. “Let me tell you that ‘Big Brother’, you know, sees everythingAnd We, as presenters, also know everything that goes on inside the house. Thus we are on top of everything, Even from your intimacy.“But nonetheless, the suspicion remained.

Joanna and Ricardo, from the movie “Big Brother”, bothered the rivals

In the past few days, Rita and Deborah have cleared all doubts. According to recently divorced Debora, Ricardo and Joanna have been having fun for a long time It was a nuisance to everyone. “I went to bed at five in the morning and they were always… the mattress was shaking everywhereThere was a lot of noise.” Denounce Deborah to Antonio. Rita continued, “This is horrible and you don’t know if he was whispering or other things. It annoys a lot!”

Ricardo and Joanna say they will have sex during production

Young Anadia ensures that the behavior of the couple is Total “disrespect”, then asks the production to find him “another room”. “We slept well in our room. Since he (referring to Ricardo) went there, we haven’t slept at allCurious, Antonio wanted to know more.He was on top of her, having sex every night, all the time. Was there ever this argument with Ricciardo getting in their way with another scene? The other day, I woke up (because of the noise), looked to the side and it was literally above her,” Rita described. They have already given everything as a couple. What will they do more? Go to the bathroom, you can’t. They have already wrapped themselves around the rotten face, not covering themselves with sheets, their heads are visible. As a rule, when they get it, they cover themselves, and there is no … ”, he said.

Débora Neves, the “BB” competitor who had to overcome a difficult childhood

The final test came via social media. According to Twitter, There is an international rule, that when a couple wants to have sex and they want to cut off live broadcasts in that area of ​​the house, they just have to put their thumbs up. These photos have already been taken by many viewers at different times, ensuring that the couple has sex more than once.

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