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After all, the Final Fantasy 7 trilogy has yet to be confirmed as a PS5 exclusive on consoles

After all, the Final Fantasy 7 trilogy has yet to be confirmed as a PS5 exclusive on consoles

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A Washington Post reporter who claimed that Sony had acquired an exclusive Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy from Square Enix, He issued a partial rejection.

Jin Park, responsible gaming reporter, He took to social media to provide a clarification, admitting the error in his statementHey. Park now clarifies: “The FF7 trilogy has not yet been confirmed as a Sony exclusive. The article has been changed to only mention Remake and Rebirth.”

Although Remake and Rebirth are still identified as exclusive to PlayStation consoles in the now-revised article, the exclusive status of the third game remains unclear. While it seems unlikely that the third entry will deviate from this standard, given the extensive vetting process conducted by Sony and Square, confirmation is still pending.


Square Enix has publicly commented that the PlayStation 5 will be the only console to receive the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy, something it describes as beneficial to the production of these new games, through which it updates the classic PS1 for the modern era.

In a conversation with The Washington Post, Yoshinori Kitase, Final Fantasy 7 Remake project producer, commented that development for the PS5 only benefited Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth greatly. According to him, a connected world with fast travel around was only possible because they focused on a single controller.

Kitase says that if Rebirth were a cross-platform game, the design would be fragmented and the experience would suffer.

PlayStation's Christian Svensson added that both Sony and Square Enix wanted Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth to be a PS5 exclusive, something that allowed the team to take full advantage of the console to showcase their vision.

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Svensson also said that it is a great asset for PlayStation to ensure the exclusivity of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake trilogy on consoles, as it also demonstrates the importance of the original to the PlayStation brand.