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After all, there was a compelling reason for Tony Carrera to sell the Algarve Millionaire's Mansion - Nacional

After all, there was a compelling reason for Tony Carrera to sell the Algarve Millionaire’s Mansion – Nacional

The millionaire mansion that Tony Carrera built in the Algarve was a family getaway, and a favorite spot for his three children: Mikael, David and Sarah.

Luxurious villa, where the artist and his three children met their friends, held family gatherings and where David even recorded one of his videos. It had it all to be the clan’s dream home… but it turns out he’s the guardian of the worst moments in Tony Carrera’s life. It was there that the singer received the tragic news of Sarah’s accident and it was also there that he had a myocardial infarction in June 2021.

And this was, until now, the main reason why the artist wanted to get rid of the property. Recently and according to TV Mais magazine, Tony sold the house for more than 6 million euros, making a profit of about 2 million euros..

However, The deal may be related to the fulfillment of a dream for the singer. Tony Carrera is building a large recording studio equipped with the latest technology, at Margem Sul, is designed to welcome music stars nationally and internationally. According to ‘TV Mais’, the new facilities are practically built and It is located in Charneca de Caparica, near Regiconcertothe company that drives Tony’s career.

Tony makes sure to preserve Sarah’s memory and remind her every day. A source close to the Carrera family says to the publication: He keeps in his heart only the good times he spent with her, in the Algarve Palace or anywhere else, and the rest does not matter.

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