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After all, what do we have left? Christina Ferreira joins the brand embroiled in a controversy with women’s rights – Nacional

Christina Ferrera He revealed this Wed, 5, in some Instagram videos that he made a under a new brand, Proziswho participated 9 months ago in a controversy after its founder, Miguel Milhao, celebrate b Loss of women’s rights to choose in the United States.

“It’s always been my dream to have Brozys cans,” she toasts Christina In the first of three videos announcing his new business.

One of the most powerful names to now join the brand is Christina Ferreira due to the presenter’s 1.5 million followers, on Instagram alone.

However, Prozis and its founder, Miguel Milhau, have been trying to quell the controversy since last year. It is reported that the Portuguese businessman, who lives in Miami, celebrated for the first time the reversal of the case ru vs. Wade by the US Supreme Courtthus abolishing a woman’s right to decide whether she wants to become a mother.

Later, Classified by Miguel Milhau as “Sons of a Bitch”, “Canzuada”, and “Shit Policos” whose statement was criticized on Twitter.

It didn’t take long for the businessman to reveal another powerful statement about AlWomen’s Liberty: “If I had a daughter who was raped, I would try to talk to her and take care of the child with no problem. I cannot sacrifice an innocent person for the crimes of a criminal.”

And in the midst of controversy, after the influencers cut off their collaboration with the brand, Miguel commented that “Prozis does not need Portugal”.

Days later, Miguel Milhau reversed his position and said in a letter published in the Jornal de Negusius that his goal was to “publish the proces”, but that “no one knew of the plan”.

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