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After all, who is responsible for Betty Grafstein's millions?  José Castelo Branco opens the game and explains whether he “organized” with her son and what he was forced to do – Nacional

After all, who is responsible for Betty Grafstein's millions? José Castelo Branco opens the game and explains whether he “organized” with her son and what he was forced to do – Nacional

The party and luxury life of José Castelo Branco and Lady Betty Grafstein in New York hides an aspect of absolute control from Roger, the son of a millionaire.

In an interview with Manuel Luis Goscha On Sunday the 31st of this month, José Castelo Branco admitted that he was forced to work to help with household expenses. “I make a living from my work. In New York I work a lot, I show up a lot, I go out a lot at night.. Now I'm taking a course in real estate, because – I can't say – but there are multi-million dollar programs. I'm the right person, I've already recorded an episode in the Hamptons, and I want to do it in New York,” he said, adding that he had also returned to doing “shows”, after his success in the 1980s with his character Tatiana.

“I live from my work and help my household with my work, take care.”, confirmed. “When people say I married Betty for money, I say, ‘God damn it, these people don’t dream.’” My house's son is in absolute control of everything. Who goes to the supermarket? I am the one who does everything. The only thing my son pays for – because he is the one who takes care of the renovations, and he is the one who manages them – is the apartment, electricity, TV, internet and water. Point,” he explained.

The age difference between Jose Castelo Branco and Petit, 34, is often the subject of speculation about the reasons for exchanging rings in 1996. However, José Castelo Branco maintains that he does not make money from marriage.

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“There was no benefit on my part. I never took advantage of anything. We got married with complete separation of assetsWell, she was over 60, but I could have asked for a prenup. Betty wanted to marry me because she fell in love with me,” Castelo Branco said in a recent interview with The Sun.

Betty did not reveal her real age to her then-fiancé until three days before the wedding, as he himself revealed in the book “José Castelo Branco: Toda a Verdade” by Ricardo Santos. Legally, a “count” cannot have a right to the wealth of a woman over 60 years old. “There were a lot of things. Betty is not a corner girl. There was no prenuptial contract drawn up, but a complete separation of assets agreement and that covers a lot of things,” he stated of the terms of the marriage.

Diamond heiress

Betty is heiress to a diamond empire with her only son, Roger. when The socialite's first husband, Albert Grafstein, died in 1991, leaving a New York jewelry company, Grafstein Diamond Company, to his wife.

It is not known exactly how much Lady Betty's wealth is, a mystery she is also keen to maintain. “They always exaggerate everything,” he told The Sun. “But I never said anything. So people make things up.”

Betty and Albert's only son, Roger, runs the company and does not seem to approve of his mother's second marriage, but in recent years the businessman has allowed Castelo Branco to take pictures of him at family celebrations.

Jose Whitecastle, Betty Grafstein, Roger
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Betty doesn't like to say her age, however The millionaire is 95 years old The past few years have been full of challenges for your health. The woman from Castelo Branco has been hospitalized several times, has difficulty walking, and even her recent trip to Lisbon proved to be a health risk. – Betty was admitted to the hospital hours after her arrival in Portugal.

José Castelo Branco, 61 years old, was the main support for the woman, both in the hospital and in her routine at home. “I wake up in the middle of the night [para Betty] He told The Sun: “Go to the bathroom. He wakes up and says: 'Where are you?' You are fine? “Do you need my help?” Betty said. “And she always needs my help,” the socialite added.

Debts and blocked property

It is not known what Jose Castelo Branco is planning in the future. In Portugal, the couple has some disagreements to resolve. Last year, “TV Guia” revealed this Betty owes between 7,500 and 25,000 euros to the Ministry of Finance, has been seized three times, and is blacklisted by the Bank of Portugal.

Property of a businesswoman in Portugal, The palace in SintraIt was purchased while she was still married to her first husband, and has not been accessible to the couple since renting it. “She's excited to go there, but she doesn't have permission to go in yet,” the socialite exclusively revealed to FLASH!. The contents of the mansion are owned by Lady Betty, and include fine clothing worth thousands of euros, works of art, and even a safe that the couple supposedly cannot access.

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In this war, José Castelo Branco claims that the tenant occupied the Sintra mansion irregularly, while the former contestant from “Big Brother Famosos 2” replies that everything falls within the legal framework.