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After all, William "has not yet made up" with Harry and Meghan Markle - current events

After all, William “has not yet made up” with Harry and Meghan Markle – current events

Things are not quite settled for Prince William. According to royalty expert Omid Scobie, the Duke of Cambridge is “still not reconciled” with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle over his departure from the British royal family – ‘Megxit’ – as well as this year’s controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“The relationship between Harry and William is still very far away,” Scooby told Entertainment Tonight. “I’m not just referring to physical distance, but they don’t talk much,” he emphasized.

The words came after the brothers acted amiably at public events, such as the funeral of their grandfather Prince Philip, Prince of Edinburgh in April, and the opening of a statue of Princess Diana in July.

“Both sides are willing to put everything aside when it comes to focusing on something bigger and more important,” Omid added. “Unfortunately, this has not led to any progress. These are still two brothers who don’t communicate regularly, or have any contact at all, and I think they are still on those two very different paths.”, shove.

“I think William definitely became someone who lives for the crown, for the institution. Harry decided to go in the exact opposite direction.”, finish.

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