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After assuming the relationship, the ex-husband of "A Pipoca Mais Doce" responds to the criticism

After assuming the relationship, the ex-husband of “A Pipoca Mais Doce” responds to the criticism

After his split from Ana Garcia Martins, known as “A Pipoca Mais Doce”, Ricardo Martins Pereira has taken on his new love on Instagram.

Although the identity of the new companion has not been revealed, rumors point to economist and model Sarah Veloso, who also shared a suspicious photo on the same social network that appears to be with Ricardo Martins Pereira.

However, a recent video that Ricardo posted leaves no doubt about the relationship. In the pictures, the ex-husband of “Pipoca” appears to be accepting the new love.

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A post that was not well received by all internet users, as it was the target of many criticisms.

In fact, recently, Ricardo Martins Pereira, aka “O Arrumadinho”, has received many negative reactions, but there was one in particular that deserved his response.

“Everyone has the right to be happy. There is no doubt about that. But what does it take for a man with a good solution, a father of children, to be happy only with his girlfriend? An inability, for example, to spend a few years alone? Why do men depend Is it because of sex? I cannot understand the need to find someone “soon.” Even though it took 6,7,8,9 months, a year. […] This has nothing to do with advocating for “popcorn” or not. She is indifferent to me. It really is yours, because you think you are a man and master of your life, independent. There is no need to use crutches in life. A follower commented that the speed (even if it is public) with which you are reshaping your life shows that you don’t know how to be alone. ”A follower commented, however, these words are no longer visible in the post.

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Ricardo Martins Pereira replied to this message: “The man who owns and owns his life, as you say, does what he loves in his life. What takes a person, does not know another person, knows nothing about life. She has no context about anything, to judge or opinion about Other people’s life choices? Did you see what it would be like if you entered her profile and started to judge or express an opinion about her life choices?

But it didn’t stop there. “Does this give me the right to judge or opinion on other people’s platforms? No. We live in an era of dictatorship of acceptance. Fortunately. We have to accept other people’s choices and accept that others take them because they want to … and because this way they understand that it is best for you. Have you seen?” How would it be when I decide my life according to what other people think is right or more appropriate? ”

Before it ends, he also said, “You think I shouldn’t be in a relationship for at least a year. Others will find it six months. Others a month. Others don’t care. I do what I think is best and most appropriate for me, regardless of what others think, especially The opinion of those who do not know me and know nothing of my life (although I think so). ”

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