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After comments criticizing the vaccine: Ivanker should reconsider his role

After comments criticizing the vaccine: Ivanker should reconsider his role

After reports criticizing the vaccine
Ivankar should reconsider his role

Ivankar, the leader of the Free Voters, refuses to be vaccinated against the corona virus despite public pressure. CSU politician Cruiser is now urging him to reconsider his role as deputy prime minister – and does not rule out ending the coalition.

Thomas Cruiser, chairman of the CSU parliamentary committee in the Bavarian state parliament, has recommended that Economy Minister Hubert Ivanker reconsider his role as deputy prime minister in the controversy over his reports on the vaccine. Ivanker directed the “cheap calculation” for the election campaign, Cruiser told “Munchner Mercury”. “I have to wonder if he can be deputy prime minister.”

Cruiser did not rule out ending the government’s alliance with free voters. “Of course, other alliances are also conceivable,” he told the newspaper. Ivankar defied the advice of all the experts, scoring only with a group of those who refused to be vaccinated in the federal election campaign, accusing the politician Cruiser of being free voters. “If he doesn’t want to be vaccinated, it’s his personal thing,” Cruiser said. “Politically, it should be clear to everyone in this government that we can get out of the epidemic only with a completely vaccinated rate,” the CSU parliamentary committee chairman said.

Bavaria’s Minister of Health, Klaus Holetzek, has previously described the IDDF’s behavior as “dangerous” in the ZDF morning magazine. There must be a difference between his personal attitude and what he says publicly as deputy prime minister. Ivanker said he was waiting to be vaccinated until he believed the vaccine would make more sense to him personally than not being vaccinated.

From his personal environment he had heard about the side effects of the vaccine that “prevents emission”. In addition, he recently warned of a “hunt” for unvaccinated people in Deutschlandfunk. Citizens need to be able to believe “without pressure” and with facts. So far they have not been “somewhat unreasonably resolved” – he said, naming the context the Astrogenega vaccine.

Bavaria, the second largest state in terms of population, lags behind other federal states. As of Monday, 59.5 percent of the population was vaccinated when first vaccinated in Bavaria, but 65.1 percent in the more populous North Rhine-Westphalia and 61.7 percent in the national average. Fifty-three percent of the population in Bavaria is fully vaccinated, with 53.9 percent in northern Rhine-Westphalia and 52.3 percent in the national average.

On Monday the “Passover New Press” and “Donacourier” told Ivanger that despite the controversy, he was not afraid that the CSU would end the alliance. “The CSU will damage itself centrally – they should be happy to have a decent and honest coalition partner with free voters.”

Nominated as the best candidate of free voters for the Bundestack election, Ivankar now wants to get points with the second ballot campaign against the CSU in the Bundestack election. “In fact, the CSU should hold a second ballot campaign for free voters in the Bundestag election so that they and the government in the Berlin government can get rid of the Greens,” he told two newspapers.

Ivanker suggested to his Bavarian ally that the federal government should create the fact that CSU direct candidates would get their first vote in the Bundestack anyway, “that is, in the second ballot, free voters – then they too will come and work together for Bavaria and Germany in Berlin.

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