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After criticism from Neil Monteiro, Leandro replied: "I am forever grateful"

After criticism from Neil Monteiro, Leandro replied: “I am forever grateful”

After being kicked out of Big Brother Famosos with 87% of the vote, Leandro was speaking to reporters on Monday 17 January, immediately upon his visit to ‘Dois à 10’ to talk about his participation in the conference. reality show.

In response to a question asked by Hyper FMLeandro responded to the posts released by singer Neil Monteiro, in which he revealed that “The real godfatherThis is after the singer mentioned in his entry in reality show That Cristina Ferreira and Manuel Luis Josha were his “godfathers of television”.

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I am so grateful to Neil Montero. There are two different contexts here: There is a TV context, where Christina and Josh called themselves that and I respect her very much, but I don’t forget my origins and I thank Neil Montero from the bottom of my heart.‘, he began by saying.

I am forever grateful to Neil Monteiro and everyone else who participated and who made my career enjoy the life it does. By the way, I have a video online to thank Neil Monteiro for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this world of music, without ever stepping aside in any way because I respect any artist and any fellow because, above all, we are human and we all deserve respect.The singer added.