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After criticism of the appearance of the TVI 30 Years Gala, María Botelho Muñiz: “I was sad”

After criticism of the appearance of the TVI 30 Years Gala, María Botelho Muñiz: “I was sad”

On a night when accessories brightened party looks, María Botelo Muñiz stood out for her irreverent choice and ended up being the target of some criticism.

Maria Botelho Muniz He came up with a nose piercing at the TVI 30 Years Gala, an unexpected choice by the presenter that left no one indifferent.

“Brunette, with piercings. Because 30 years requires disrespect,” the “Two at 10” presenter wrote on Instagram.

appearance Maria Botelho Muniz The presenter received some criticism, as some followers commented: “I don’t like it. It’s not her style.”

In a conversation with SELFIE, Maria Botelho Moniz explained: “It’s interesting that it gives a little being so much to talk about. It was an unplanned accessory and I hesitated before putting it on. It was something I hadn’t thought of and accepted the challenge of the team that I had.”

Assuming she knew immediately that “it was going to be streaky,” Maria Botelho Muñiz ventured: “I wanted to show that we’re more than one thing. It’s a little bit of reverence and a little touch of another layering from Maria. The intention to show that girl from the beginning is still here.”

However, the presenter revealed that she was surprised by the “amount of negative messages” she received. “I was sad, because I just wanted to show that we can do whatever we want and that we can have more than one style. I don’t always have to be the right girl, I can wear a different accessory for a night in the hair choice – brown -” stressed Maria Botelho Muñiz. It was thoughtful.”

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“I wanted to do it differently. I’m very nervous, both in my professional and personal life, and I like, from time to time, to step outside the box and be a little surprised and go fetch Maria from behind, which is more radical and irreverent. That’s it,” the presenter concluded.