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After criticism of the concert's cancellation, Fernando Daniel leaves the clarification

After criticism of the concert’s cancellation, Fernando Daniel leaves the clarification

After sharing a video on his Instagram page where he explained that he was forced to cancel the concert at Boticas, Vila Real received many criticisms of Fernando Daniel.

So he returned to the same social network to explain the reasons for the decision.

I acted in bars, on the street, surrounded by bales of straw, leaning on an ice cream machine. Always with a taste and admiration for music. I was not born in a golden cradle or with my tails facing the moon. I don’t come from a rich family, I know a little can be a lot, just be happy with what you have. So I will never ask for what I don’t deserve‘, he began to write.

“The stage at its center is made up of a structure. The TRUSS that make up this structure which serves to stabilize the wall, the light, the robots, the props etc., the TRUSS that were there were not suitable for the necessary materials. Twice what is allowed, and therefore, they were overweight weight and putting a lot of pressure on their support points. Breaking the support points, there is no support, and if there is no support, the TRUSS falls,” he explained.

Still talking about the flaws, he noted, “When one or two TRUSS falls, or even one machine hangs on them, we are talking of a monstrous weight falling over people.” “It can effectively end someone’s life. I can never jeopardize my life, the life of my team, and therefore your life as well.‘, he confirmed.

He clarified that he is still responding to the comments he has received He didn’t realize the insecurity until 9.30pm. “When I arrived at 4pm for the sound check, I was informed that the stage was still being prepared and that was why my team had not prepared anything. I was surprised and asked why the schedule was not met. This was the reason. It was explained to me by my team that they would try to solve TRUSS supported those who were clearly overweight,” he said.

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Fernando Daniel said:The fact that my other classmates already sang there doesn’t mean that the concert structure is the same“.

“During the afternoon we tried to find a solution that would make the stage safe. It was not found. My team requested the intervention of the Civil Protection for someone with technical skills to analyze the condition of the stage that would give us guarantees. It was safe to be under TRUSS without risking one’s life.” .and there could not have been a person qualified to provide this guarantee.”

We decided not to hesitate and not to endanger the lives of everyone on stage and next to him.“He confirmed.”And because we tried to work it out until the very end of the show, we couldn’t help but make sure it wasn’t possible to continue the party safely until close to showtime.Which was scheduled for 23:30.”

And in another message he received, the following read: “No one warned anyone at the fence, they had no respect, he was a clown.”

“you are absolutely right. They weren’t the only ones getting angry. I also stayed. After my announcement, I learned that no one in the room alerted the audience to anything. Something of the prerogative of the organization. However, I apologize to everyone who felt left out and disrespected by this lack of information.answered.

before finishing, Fernando Daniel also showed the words he left to the mayor And a picture “to depict what could have happened during the party”.

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