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After hesitating, here is Jessica Athayde's birthday gift for Diogo Amaral

After hesitating, here is Jessica Athayde’s birthday gift for Diogo Amaral

Jessica Athid The week started by asking for help with their fans. Next Saturday, November 26th Diogo Amaralrepresenting 41 years, and so far, The actress did not know what gift to give to father Oliverjoint child.

🇧🇷Desperate for Diogo’s birthday next Saturday… ideas? will be 41vent in Stories from your Instagram account.

However, on Thursday November 24th, Jessica Athayde tried to show that the issue has been fixed, after finding Perfect gift for boyfriend🇧🇷

‘It’s not easy having a baby screaming’ – Jessica Attaide tells her son ‘a giant tantrum’

🇧🇷Diogo’s birthday is on Saturday, I was here without great ideas, I even asked for suggestions, yours always included giving her a baby for her birthdayor jump with a parachute‘, referring to the actress.

Then he pointed out:Diogo and I don’t live together, we’re lovers, and we each have our own house. His room is the typical gentleman’s room, with posters and stuff pinned to the wall. And so I thought maybe I could decorate her room“, He confessed.

🇧🇷Wallpaper in the whole room looks like another. (…) Towels, sheets, pillows, these beautiful tables. This open bathroom also with wallpaper, it looks beautiful🇧🇷, he saidDo you like Diogo? He doesn’t even know how to behaveJessica Athelide joked.

“You changed my life” – Jessica Athaidi reveals an unexpected gift from Diogo Amaral

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