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After his breakup, Marcantonio del Carlo leaves a sincere message to Yolanda Larangero: “Strength, my love.”

After his breakup, Marcantonio del Carlo leaves a sincere message to Yolanda Larangero: “Strength, my love.”

After losing his father in early 2023, Yolanda Laranjero He also ended up seeing his mother die at the end of the same year. On this day, Friday, January 5 Marcantonio del Carlo He made sure to leave a general message to his ex-partner – and the mother of his daughter. Simon -, appears to continue by your side.

in your account InstagramThe actor was keen to share a photo he took himself a few years ago, showing Yolanda and her parents. Julia that it Orlando. “Today is a sad day. It is the day when many begin to say goodbye to Julia as they did a year ago with Orlando.“, he began to lament.

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The artist highlighted the smile of his daughter’s mother, which, according to him, blooms whenever he talks about his family and friends. Marcantonio admits that Iolanda is very likable; “Because she is a great woman with all the letters of her unique personality.”.

“My beautiful girl from Almada, we are all here to give you a shoulder and the rest of our body if you want to cry the tears that you will surely shed these days, as is your privilege. Strength, my love.”as well as reading.

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Since he is at home recovering from influenza A with their daughter, Del Carlo will not be able to be at Giulia's funeral, but he guarantees that he will say goodbye later. “Today I'm not there in the wake […]. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll be there with everyone who loves you as much as I do, saying goodbye to your mother for the last time.He said.

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The actress also revealed that Simone asked her father to tell her mother about it “He did not cry while taking the fever suppository.”. For Marcantonio, the daughter takes over for her mother, who went to her ex-partner's house to help with household chores, even though she was going through a difficult phase. “I'm more vulgar, you know, which is why, yesterday, in the midst of your chaos, you still found time to come over and make me toast, and spread out my clothes because it was sunny, and fill up the room. Pantry. All while I was sweating in bed.” Because of this flu, the strength of which is in the first letter of the read.