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After hours, the rings became smart.  The market will “attract attention” with the entry of Samsung and Apple – Observer

After hours, the rings became smart. The market will “attract attention” with the entry of Samsung and Apple – Observer

currently, com. smartrings They have average prices in the range of $300, around €277. Below is the average price of a smart watch Mainly, more expensive models in options from Samsung, Apple and Garmin, notes IDC's Francisco Geronimo. This could make the rings more interesting “for those who don't want to spend a lot of money.”

He believes that “the entry of a series of brands into this sector will naturally lead to lower prices.” Samsung's Galaxy Ring is supposed to cost around “€250/300”, in this analyst's opinion – as of yet, the company has not specified pricing. Details about the Samsung Ring are scarce – at the end of the launch smart phone The company showed the Galaxy S24 just a glimpse of the ring and showcased the product at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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Currently, Honor is also known to be working on a smart ring, according to an interview with CEO George Zhao. “Internally, we have this kind of solution, and we are working so that in the future they can receive the Ring of Honor,” he said. CNBC.

Technology market analysts realize that there may be this in general “Some overlap in features” Between smart watches and rings, suggests Techsponential's Avi Greengart.

Although Oura only sells rings, many other brands interested in this trend have done so Smart watches In the wallet. Could rings steal some sales? Analyst Ken McKenna, of CSS Insight, thinks so, but companies like Samsung or Apple “They realize the danger of cannibalism.” In the watches section.

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He continues: “The next year or two will be interesting because we will enter a period in which companies will sell, for the first time, smart watches and rings.” There must be 'interest' in terms of the target audience and also 'in the way the producers will be positioned'. [no mercado] To reduce the threat.”

Francisco Geronimo believes that discrimination between the audiences of the two producers will continue. “Who wants a smart watch Wants more advanced features,” whether it's notifications or sports, while those looking for com. smartring You might want one a tool Simpler. “But there will also be users who will have both. The ring is the main source for collecting vital signs and the watch for everything else. He emphasizes that this could be another opportunity for companies to “expand the number of devices per user.”

The IDC analyst also points to another business opportunity: selling subscriptions, taking the example of Oura, which has a €6 monthly subscription to guarantee access to log analysis. “It is an opportunity to sell services and analyze the data collected,” he explains. Right now, anyone who buys a ring is not required to have a subscription, but this person admits that this may be part of the companies' plans in the future. “I think Samsung will also offer a subscription with Ring.”

The Finnish company Oura is the most famous company in this sector Toolshas been in the spotlight in this niche category since 2019. And in IDC data, it was in 2023 80% market sharefar ahead of the 12% of Ultrahuman, responsible for Ring Air and the second best-selling brand in the sector.

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