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After new discoveries, the ex-husband of Ana Garcia Martins responds to criticism

After new discoveries, the ex-husband of Ana Garcia Martins responds to criticism

Ana Garcia Martins Talk frankly about the breakup Ricardo Martins Pereira In the new podcast “Separados de Fresco”, the statements went viral. It didn’t take long for fans of the digital influencer to criticize the comedian’s ex-husband. On the afternoon of June 11, Ricardo reacted via social networks.

Since yesterday, I’ve been getting all kinds of hateful messages and comments from people who don’t know anything about my life (even though they think they know a lot). For my part, I will do the same as always, and I will respond silently. I’m not talking about intimacy. I do not reveal intimate conversations. You don’t have to give explanations to people I don’t know about facts they don’t know. Anyone is free to make any value judgment they want about me based on the information they think they have, and I will live with that. Peace and love always.“, Wrote.

Remember that on the podcast, Anna made some surprising discoveries, including the fact that she decided to divorce when she learned he was dating someone else. “I asked him, he said yes, there was someone, and she wasn’t a friend yet, but it was someone he was meeting with. That for me was “This Is the End”. That’s when I said ‘let’s move on to divorce’ and on the day I finally went to the lawyer I spoke to Ricciardo and asked him, ‘Look, this is a divorce, it’s serious, a decision if you take it is irreversible, so we have to think. Is this what we want? Oh really?'”, He said.

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But not only. The comedian also took the opportunity to say that before making the decision, he had a long conversation between them that seemed to open up space for reconciliation – until everything changed, after a scheduled flight and email put an end to the relationship.

It was Tuesday, he asked for time to think, I thought it was legitimate, because things didn’t go well, and he has doubts about coming back, especially if someone else is in the middle. I gave you this time to think. This was a Tuesday night and the next day he texted me saying “Look, Disney is opening again, the kids will love it”, He said.

“On this very day, yes madam, great, reconciliation is on the way, let’s arrange a trip. Here the idiot immediately called the travel agency, set an appointment and that was the day I went to Josheh’s program “He justified the reason for talking about reconciliation during the interview. “I’m not crazy, I didn’t get it…I accepted that interview and said from my heart yes, reconciliation was something I wanted to happen, because there was this premise and because we were going to make this trip. The next day around his birthday and we still spend his years together.”

That’s when the influencer revealed that she learned of the final decision on the divorce via email. “On Saturday we went to a family lunch, and then on Sunday he sent an email saying that after all he didn’t want any of that and there was no reconciliation. On Monday, I filed for divorce papers, on Tuesday the news started showing that he had someone else, and then on Saturday or Sunday puts up a video kissing someone else, and publicly takes on the other relationship.” Been completed.