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After she was raped, she got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption.  Clara Castanho forced to share her story

After she was raped, she got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption. Clara Castanho forced to share her story

The case shocked Brazil, and Clara Castanho’s name spread on Twitter. The 21-year-old actress told an unprecedented and shocking story, but not because she wanted…

It all started when, during a video clip on social networks, the actress Antonia Fontenelle She revealed, without naming names, that the Globo actress got pregnant and gave her baby up for adoption. She asked the hospital to cancel her admission to the hospital and He asked him that he didn’t even want to see his son. What hurts me the most is: Where is this kid?He said in an accusatory tone. The information comes from famous columnist Leo Dias.

The situation was enough to trigger a fuse, rumors soon reached the name of Clara Castanho, 21 years old. With serious comments, and great pressure, the young actress was forced to speak up, telling her explosive story that no one knew about. All through a statement.

“You made me listen to a child’s heart”

This is the hardest story of my life“, He begins writing the actress. In another city, far from family, friends and lonely, Clara was raped. He did not file a complaint because of shame and guilt. “Remembering that episode brings the feeling of death, because something died inside of me (…)” I had the illusion that if I pretended it didn’t happen, I might forget, I’d get over it. But that’s not what happened.”notes.

After taking the morning-after pill, she tried to restart her life, but found out months later that she had become pregnant as a result of the rape. “I was told I was giving birth to a fetus in my womb. Yes, I was almost at the end of my pregnancy when I found out.” The experience I had with the doctor couldn’t be worse.. “I had no sympathy for me. This professional forced me to listen to the heart of the child, and said that 50% of the DNA is mine and that I would have to love it”He said.

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“I was still trying to pick up the pieces when I had to deal with the information of having a child. A child born of the violence that destroyed me as a woman.” I didn’t (and don’t have) the emotional circumstances to give this child the love, care, and all that he deserves.“, Below it is the line of Clara Castanho.

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Threat after childbirth

The birth took place a few days after she found out she was pregnant. Upon consideration, the child was given up for adoption. “I have taken the position that I consider the most dignified and humane.”He said before explaining that the process required the confidentiality of the child and the biological mother.

Clara is still in the building, after giving birth, being threatened by a nurse.. “She asked questions and threatened: “Imagine if the columnist found out about this story” . When he got to the room, he already had messages from the press. “I was still under anesthesia. I didn’t have time to process all I was going through, to understand, that was the pain I was feeling.”

He asked not to post anything and so it was at the moment. Clara did not forget the lack of commitment of the health institution. “The professionals who should have protected me in a moment of great pain and weakness, and who had a legal duty to respect the secrecy of the rendition, were unethical, and had no respect for me or the child.“, He says.

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The news would eventually be reported in the press – Leo Dias had already apologized after a torrent of criticism – and given the inconsistencies and lies in the story, Clara Castanho had no choice but to tell all about the painful process.

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You have no idea the pain I’m feeling. Everything I did was designed to protect the child’s life and future. Every step is documented according to the law. As a woman, I was raped for the first time by a man and now I am repeatedly raped by many other people judging me.”He explained in a statement obtained more than 7 million Likes In the Instagram.

With the support of her family, the actress wants to protect herself. Hours later, he received a wave of support from several celebrities such as Paula OliveiraAnd the Giovanna AntonelliAnd the Camila Pitanga And the Tess Arago. In 2021, in Brazil, a breach occurs every ten minutes, according to data from the Brazilian Public Security Forum published on March 7 this year.