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After suffering from terminal cancer, Isabel Veloso responds to criticism for wanting to become a mother

After suffering from terminal cancer, Isabel Veloso responds to criticism for wanting to become a mother

Influencer Isabel Veloso, a cancer patient, participated in a live broadcast on Friday evening (31) and spoke about the barrage of criticism she received for sharing her dream of becoming a mother. She had mentioned her desire to adopt a child with her husband and confirmed that she still had life ahead of her.

“As people talk, 'I'm alive.' People say that just because I have a disease that has no cure, which probably won't let me live long, they think I can't travel, eat the food I want, can't dream of becoming a mother, To live a life with my husband. She said in a live broadcast: “They judged me because I spent my honeymoon with my husband.”

She explained that she was undergoing painkilling treatment, and that although doctors expected her to live for six months, it was possible to extend it as the disease stabilized. He pointed out, “They even said that a patient in her final stages, begging for beans, is not enjoying life. People feel very confused.”

“There's a difference between palliative care and terminal palliative care. A terminal illness will be a person's last days and I'm still in palliative care, and I've entered it strictly so that I don't have a terminal illness much sooner. It's a big taboo because anyone with chronic pain can go To palliative care, he stressed that the goal is prevention, not slow death.

She continued: “I live with dignity and enjoy this privilege.” Palliative care is very popular, thank God it has been recognized and I will do my best to make people realize that you can dream even if you are suffering from a terminal illness. And that you can enjoy a good quality of life.

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Isabel Veloso She reported on social media that You intend to adopt a child. The influencer got married on April 22 and confirmed that this is her and her husband Lucas Borbas' dream.

He pointed out: “You know that it is very difficult for me to get pregnant due to illness. However, of course I believe in miracles. Nothing is impossible for God. Everything has its time and moment, but it is fraught with risks.”

She then commented that she intended to adopt. “We're looking to learn and understand how the adoption process works. Anyway, we would love to adopt a child up to two years old, even if it's a toddler, but of course, no matter what we get, you know? But we really wanted the child to create memories. This has always been a dream of mine, so I think it will be great.

Soon after, Isabel asked for instructions on the adoption and showed what room would be the baby's room. “Lucas and I dream a lot. I predicted a lot, and I thought it was great, and I don’t know it was a sign, but today everyone I spoke to gave me a happy Mother’s Day.”

“I'm so happy, you know? It's a dream, and despite my circumstances, I don't need to stop dreaming,” says Isabelle. “Even if he's not a blood child, you know? It doesn't matter son, it's all the same. The son, the mother is the one who creates, the father is the one who creates.”

“I truly believe that God will guide us in some way, and if nothing happens while I am here, he will guide Lucas because this is the way of our family,” Isabelle concludes.

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He snorted

Influencer Isabel Veloso, 17, mentioned the other day March 1 of this year Who is facing cancer in its final stages and has only 6 months to live. According to the woman from Parana, she did just that Lymphoma He lives with a tumor surrounding his heart.

Years ago, Isabel was diagnosed with the disease and underwent a bone marrow transplant, in addition to chemotherapy. She even reported that she was cured but the disease returned.

Before getting married on April 13, The teenager presented a medical report proving her health condition to millions of her followers. The young woman was accused of pretending to be sick to collect money for the concert.

The document highlights that the teenager suffers from “Hodgkin lymphoma that does not respond to chemotherapy” and that she is undergoing “exclusive palliative care.”

Isabelle said just last month To receive palliative care using cannabidiol (CBD)A chemical from the cannabis plant.