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After the controversy, Zara withdraws the images from the advertising campaign – Marketeer

After the controversy, Zara withdraws the images from the advertising campaign – Marketeer

Zara’s latest campaign, which offers a range of luxury coats at prices much higher than those usually charged by the Spanish brand (between 200 and 500 euros), is getting people talking. This is all because some netizens found similarities between the filming scene and the current situation in Gaza.

In some photos of the jacket, model Christine McMenamy appears surrounded by rubble, in addition to models wrapped in white plastic and others without legs or arms. According to Zara, the campaign aims to resemble a sculptor’s studio. However, many saw the timing of the launch as unfortunate and insensitive, given the images that emerged of the devastation in Gaza caused by the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Many activists called for a boycott of the brand and began organizing protests in front of Inditex Group brand stores. In response, Zara halted the campaign and issued a statement on social media explaining that the work was produced in July of this year and filmed in September, before the start of the conflict that began on October 7.

“Unfortunately, some customers were offended by these images, which have now been removed, and saw in them something very far from what they were meant to mean when they were created. Zara regrets this misunderstanding and reiterates its great respect to everyone.

In Portugal, in the early hours of Wednesday, pro-Palestinian activists and Rally for the Liberation of Palestine supporters painted the Zara store on Rua Santa Catarina, in Porto, with red paint and messages rejecting the new advertising campaign.

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They stated in a statement, “This campaign is not a misunderstanding, let alone an isolated incident, contrary to what the company announced.” Rather, it is the result of years of Zionist statements and actions that undermine justice and self-determination for the Palestinian people by Zara and Inditex officials.

They also demand that “Zara and the Inditex Group cancel all commercial relations with the Zionist state or Israeli companies,” “boycott, divestment, and impose sanctions on all organizations complicit with the occupation,” and “end the occupation of Palestine and itself.” “The report of its people.”