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After the farewell Sami Khedira: "Sad, but mostly grateful"

After the farewell Sami Khedira: “Sad, but mostly grateful”

It was emotional for Sami Khedra in the 74th minute. Herta B.Sc.’s teammates gave him a fantastic warmth on the pitch and then built a fort for the 2014 World Champion, who left the pitch with wet eyes for the last time in his life. “I’m a little sad, but mostly grateful for the experience of the last 15 years,” Kedira said after the Berliners’ 2-1 defeat at the DSG 1899 Hoffenheim in the final of the Bundesliga season.


Vladimir Tarida, who gave the guests the lead in the 43rd minute on Saturday, raised hopes of a successful farewell to Kedira. But with the 20th goal of the season, Circus Adamian (49th) and Andrzej Gramrik (90th + 1) turned the game around after the change. “I’m very happy,” Grammar said.

From Helmut Shawn to Paul Darday: All Hertha coaches since 1950

From Helmut Shawn to Jurgen Rober: Pioneers of Herta coach Bruno Lapadia.

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In his last Bundesliga appearance, Kedira was again allowed to lead the Berlin team as captain. Herta coach Paul Darday had promised him a farewell performance. He completed nine of the 15 possible matches in his half-year Berlin career, which was deported. “I only spent five months with the guys, but I can tell they have a big heart,” Kedira praised her teammates.

Now he wants to get a little farther before making a quiet decision about his professional future. “I’ll definitely come to football,” Kedira announced. Dorto’s future is also open, he has transformed his starting XI team into six levels compared to a 0-0 win over 1. In the previous week F.C. Cole was true to himself in the final game of the season. “I have a contract with Herta,” the Hungarian insisted. The only question is whether he will work with young people or professionals. “Now I’m going on vacation first,” Darday said.

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His charges were equal in the game. Nemanja Radonjic (8th) had a chance to take the lead early, but he failed due to DSG goalkeeper Philippe Bentke. On the other hand, Ihlas Bebo (11th) landed only in a lap net. Powell Kadarabek (30th) took a shot just above the gate, but the Berliners were lucky.

Shortly before the break, the Berliners were nowhere to be seen. Marvin Plattenheart won brilliantly on the left, with his side completely replaced by a header from close range by Tarida standing free. The Czech scored almost a brace early in the second half, but his shot hit the post.

It took immediate revenge because Adamian scored equally. Ryan Sezeknon hit the left wing and made the target with an accurate cross. Thus, both teams openly fought with opportunities. Substitute Dodi Lukbagio presented the biggest award to Hertha and Hodenheim to Kaderbeck. When everyone was ready for a draw, Grammar won for the DSG.