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After the Pfizer bottle was inverted, a German nurse injected a serum for six people

UPolice are investigating a nurse in Germany after she admitted to injecting six people with saline instead of giving them the Covid-19 vaccine.

The health professional admitted that she dropped the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine bottle, which corresponds to six doses of the vaccine. Instead of admitting to a mistake, he decided to trick patients into giving them a saline solution.

The accident occurred at the German Red Cross vaccination center in Friesland on Wednesday, and as a result, the authorities appealed to 200 people who were vaccinated that day at this center to inform health authorities to undergo an antibody test. The goal is to find the 6 people who were wrongly vaccinated.

The police said in a statement that they have opened an investigation into the possible harm caused by this nurse, although they have confirmed that the solution provided by them is not harmful to health.

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