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After the shocking death of Angelico Vieira, Rita Pereira left a cry of warning: 'I need help' - Nacional

After the shocking death of Angelico Vieira, Rita Pereira left a cry of warning: ‘I need help’ – Nacional

Saturday edition of “Two at 10” Celebrate a trip Rita PereiraGuest Claudio Ramos and Maria Botelho Muniz. One of the topics the presenting duo tackled was the death of Angelico, her ex-boyfriend.especially relevant in light of the upcoming D’zrt meeting.

“For 11 years, whenever I get a call, the first thing I think of is, ‘Someone died and they’re going to tell me now. “Every day. It’s a problem.”“I focus a lot, I start thinking about other things, every day and it doesn’t change,” the actress explained.

When asked if she had actually sought professional help, Rita Pereira admitted: “I think I need [de ajuda profissional] But I always say I will only speak with a professional who has gone through the same thing. I’m wrong, I know. But even then I managed to fight, I managed to beat it. I still have this question, which I see around me that after all there are more people like me,” he said.

As for the desertion’s return, he did not hide his enthusiasm: “It’s great. I feel so happy, with some dread being in the concert, I’m just afraid on an emotional level, and it’s going to be a trip. I don’t want to know anything, what’s going to happen, I really want to be surprised. I’m so happy for them and I’ve known since The first moment they are sold out.”.

Finally, Rita Pereira explained how her family unites with Angélico: “I’m still talking to Angelico’s mother, she’s Luno’s aunt. Gui [Guillaume Lalung] And Mina already went on vacation together, they just ”.

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