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After this change, you will never use WhatsApp in the same way again.

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The news brought by WhatsApp shows how this service wants to develop and become more used by users.

Now, from what can be seen in the latest Android beta, there is a change in the way that will dramatically change the service. It is prepared and everyone will surely use it on a frequent basis.

Despite being a very mature service, WhatsApp has received a lot of news in recent months. These things could have been expected for a long time, but the truth is that they took a long time to be implemented and made available to everyone, which is not always pleasing to users.

The the last The new feature has appeared in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and it could be a very important change. It focuses on a unique feature that has been requested over the years, but the service seems to have been overlooked and put on hold.

WhatsApp edit new messages

What this version has now revealed is access to a new option to edit messages sent by the user. This will not be a direct access option, but it can be accessed through the menu of each conversation.

For this, the user has to select a message first. It is also possible that the list of changes made to messages during the conversation, and eventually the date/time of that, will then be displayed.

In fact, this novelty is many years overdue. In 2017, the option appeared in tests, but was later removed. Now back to WhatsApp so that we hope it will be made available to all users.

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From what is known, despite being only present on Android, this will be an option available for all platforms. Just delayed.

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