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After two years of racing…the United States becomes the Olympic champion

After two years of racing…the United States becomes the Olympic champion

Doping by Russian Kamila Valeeva is worth its weight in gold to Americans

Two years after the figure skating event at the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, the USA became Olympic champions. It may seem strange, but it is just another case of doping rocking the sport.

In this case, it was the disqualification of Russia's Kamila Valeeva that caused the Russian committee to fall from first place to third place in the figure skating event, something that benefited not only the United States, but also Japan, which took the silver medal.

Skater Kamila Valeeva has been banned for four years for doping

TAS punished young Russian skater after testing positive for doping at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

This information was confirmed by the International Skating Union (ISU), which published a new classification, which requires removing a maximum of 10 points in each of the two events for the skater, but without adding a point for the teams that fall below Russia.

The organization also confirms that “the Implementation Support Unit is in contact with the International Olympic Committee and members of the Implementation Support Unit in order to implement this decision.”

It should be noted that the result of the skater’s examination was positive even before the Olympic Games, and the result was known during her participation in the competition, and only now has she been suspended for four years, retroactive to December 2021.

Remember Valeeva's run that contributed to the Russian gold medal:

Meanwhile, the Russian Olympic Committee has already announced that it will appeal the decision to withdraw the gold medal from its figure skating team.

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