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Aftonbladet: A dead woman was found in the refrigerator

Aftonbladet: A dead woman was found in the refrigerator

Location: Swedish police confirm a murder suspect is under investigation after a dead woman is found in Vestre Värmland.

A woman has been found dead in Värmland and a man has been arrested and charged with murder. Both are Norwegian citizens, Swedish prosecutors confirm to VG.


aftonbladet He wrote that the police had found parts of a woman’s body that must have been in a freezer for several years.

The police confirmed that they had opened a murder investigation.

Press spokeswoman Kristina Hallen for the Bergslagen police district confirmed to VG that they had found a dead woman in a house in Vestre Värmland.

– Circumstances mean that we have launched a preliminary murder investigation, you say.

– An elderly man was arrested for being left behind.

Hallen says the man and woman were friends, but otherwise do not wish to comment on the relationship between the accused man and the dead woman.

Swedish Public Prosecutor’s Office: Both are Norwegian

– Both the suspect and the victim are Norwegian citizens, Karen Rosander, a spokeswoman for the Swedish Public Prosecutor’s Office, wrote in an email to VG.

She explained that if he is asked to be remanded in custody, it will take place in Värmland County Court on Monday.

VG asked the Swedish police about the information in Aftonbladet, which wrote that the woman was found in the refrigerator. The police do not wish to comment on this information.

According to Aftonbladet, the woman has been missing for many years. The man is said to have provided information about the murder in connection with his hospitalization.

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He is now charged with murder.

aftonbladet The reporter was near the man’s house on Saturday morning and spoke to several neighbors. They say a man keeps mostly to himself.

– I saw him with a woman, but it was many years ago, says a neighbor.

Status will be updated.