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Age, family, clubs ... Who is the Blues' surprise against Portugal?

Age, family, clubs … Who is the Blues’ surprise against Portugal?

Jules County will start against Portugal in the Blues’ 3rd match in the Euros. Defender has made rapid progress in recent seasons. Find everything you need to know about course, stats, palmars, age or family, Jules County.

Jules Conte knows his first term against Portugal in the 3rd match of the Blues, which helped the luxury lining take place during Euro 2021. Versatile is one of the defenders on the list of 26 players selected by Didier Deschamps to take part in Euro 2021. This is his first international match with the Blues, his first selection for the French team on June 2 ‘, in a preparatory match against Wales in 2021, when he replaced his rival Benjamin Boward on the right side of the Blues’ restructuring. “My goal is the euro. It was my goal before it was postponed last season. It motivates me day by day. That’s what I’m playing for, that’s what I’m fighting for,” Sevilla Defender explained to Canal + recently. Find out everything you need to know about the 22-year-old French national team player.

Born in Paris on November 12, 1998, Jules County moved to Gironde with his mother when he was 2 years old. He grew up in the small town of Landras, a few kilometers from Bordeaux. Jules Conte, interested in football, joined the Gironde de Bordeaux club’s regional U17 team. The coaching coach is fascinated by his distraction and stubbornness. I have to say that his size (1.78m) does not make him a favorite candidate of the Central Defense, a position that is generally said to be taller than him … but by the job, the player won the French Championship in 2017 as a team captain with an under-19 team.

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In 2017, his career took on a new dimension with the signing of his first professional contract with the Girondins de Bordeaux First Team. The ultimate reward for all his efforts! Jules County made his professional debut as a professional footballer in Coupe de France in the U.S. Played as a starter against Cranville. He will have to wait until February 10, 2018, after scoring his first goal in a match against Amiens Club at Liqueur 1.

Talented and determined, the young French defender did not waste time attracting foreign clubs. Eager to explore new frontiers, Jules Conte accepted Sevilla FC’s proposal in 2019 and signed him to a five-year contract. The amount of his transfer is estimated at 25 million euros, a significant sum, which is one of the most expensive players bought by the Spanish club. Suffice it to say that Sevilla FC leaders have a lot of faith in this new recruitment. But despite the weighty pressure on his shoulders, the young midfielder adapts perfectly to the Andalusian climate and doesn’t take much time to become essential in the central hinge along with Diego Carlos. From the first season in the Spanish league, the French player impressed the club’s supporters and managers. The central defender stands as a safe bet in the 2020 Europa League final that Sevilla FC won.

With his club career, Jules Conte was one of the players who was closely followed by the staff of the French national team, and also by coach Didier Deschamps. While he is still in Bordeaux, the defender is called upon to preserve the colors of the France Under-20 team. Playing in a game against the United States in March 2018, the player honors his first choice with the “mini-blues”. Three years later, Didier Deschamps selects him in A to take part in Euro 2020 from his list of 26 players.

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At Girondins de Bordeaux, the young Jules Conde won the 2017 Under-19 France title. Within Spanish club Sevilla FC, the French defender won the Europa League against Inter Milan in the 2019-2020 season before playing in 2020-20. UEFA Super Cup Final. Already a great achievement for this promising young player!

Since his departure from Girondins de Bordeaux, the value of Jules Conte has exploded. Football Lab is now estimating the price of his transfer between 50 50 million and 70 70 million, as opposed to 25 25 million at the time of his transfer to the Sevilla FC club. Sharp increase figures that could be explained by the excellent results of the federal defender whose contract with the Spanish club expires in 2024. According to estimates, Jules County currently earns 5 215,000 a month within Sevilla FC. The footballer would have seen his salary double or even triple compared to what he earned in Girodins de Porto in his early days. Clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City or Real Madrid are rumored to be interested in a player who has never stopped panicking figures. An exchange is possible as opposed to paying a issuance of விதி 80 million.

If his father is of Benign descent and the player still has a family in Benin, Jules County has only French nationality. Raised only by his mother, the defender is appreciative of the person who encouraged him throughout his training, even though he did not like football! Jules Conte is the son-in-law of former Togolese international Charles Togblae, who evolved not only within the Etoile Philanthropy of Togo but also in the Parisian suburbs of France (Charcel, Gorges, Sergei-Pontois).