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AI Vision: the app for people with visual impairment arrives on Android

AI Vision: the app for people with visual impairment arrives on Android

Created in 2017, Microsoft’s Seeing AI app is aimed at people with visual impairments, and has spent the past six years exclusively supporting iOS devices. Therefore, it is excellent news that the app is now available for Android users.

AI Vision uses AI-powered camera and narration

Since its inception, Artificial intelligence vision I have already had the ability to use a cell phone camera to describe short texts, scenarios, and people. The app could, for example, read a barcode to provide information about the product and use sounds to direct the user to point the camera at the right point.

Currently, the app – including its new version for Android – incorporates Microsoft’s latest advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI). It is no coincidence that the app can describe people with details such as emotional state and estimated age.

Image: Disclosure/AI Vision

Image descriptions are increasingly detailed, and the tool can help locate objects in the environment. Microsoft recently launched a new feature so that the application can search for information in the document as directed by the user.

With this new functionality, Seeing AI can, for example, help read specific menu items, the final value of the invoice or invoice details. The app can also summarize an article and learn about different currencies (including the euro).

Seeing AI is now available in 70 countries with support for different languages. And now it can be an application Downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

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