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Air Europa reveals fleet increase with Boeing 737 and 787 for flights to America

Air Europa reveals fleet increase with Boeing 737 and 787 for flights to America

Air Europa Boeing 787-8 – Photo: Alan Wilson/ CC BY-SA 2.0.1 Updatevia Wikimedia Commons

After the successful completion of the transformation process that began a little more than a year ago to restore operating profitability, in April Spanish Airlines began a new phase of expansion based on a noticeable increase in sales since the end of last year.

In the second half of the year, the airline will exceed the seats available on its main routes from the Madrid-Barajas center, and will continue to increase its offer by adding eleven new aircraft throughout this year, which will be able to do so. To work across your network of destinations in America.

Air Europa will add five new Boeing 787 Dreamliners to its wide-body units, four of them thanks to a lease agreement signed with Norse Atlantic Airways. The Dreamliner consumes 20% less fuel than similar models on the market and provides one of the best flying experiences, especially on long-haul operations.

The long-haul fleet expansion will also be complemented by the expansion of the narrow-body fleet, with six new Boeing 737 models, which will be added gradually over the next few months. Its seating capacity will help respond to the increase in passenger numbers, while also maintaining efficiency and lower emissions standards. This year, the long-haul fleet will return to the same number it was in 2019.

This expansion plan will enhance Air Europa’s strategic role in the Madrid-Barajas airport hub. Activity of this air network node will reach pre-pandemic levels on the company’s historic routes, further improving the available supply and number of passengers carried. Seats offered for the second semester will exceed those for 2019 by 5%.

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During 2022, a total of 23 destinations will be reached in the American continent, in addition to 33 other destinations in Spain and Europe. Finally, the standardization of the fleet allows not only to increase the number of seats per aircraft, but also to improve the number of flights and increase the supply in both economy and business class.

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