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Airplanes in the United States had to make an emergency landing – and lost part of the air

Airplanes in the United States had to make an emergency landing – and lost part of the air

An Alaska Airlines plane was able to make an emergency landing in Oregon after part of the plane exploded while mid-air.


The plane – a Boeing 737 MAX 9 – took off from Portland towards Ontario, California, shortly before five o'clock in the evening, local time.

After about half an hour, the plane returned and made an emergency landing.

Airport spokeswoman Allison Ferry wrote that the plane landed safely nbc.

The channel published a photo posted by passenger Kyle Rinker on the X screen.

– When the plane's wall breaks mid-flight, he writes.

to CNN Rinker says one of the plane's windows exploded shortly after the plane took off.

– It happened very quickly. “We got up a little bit, and the window/wall just came out and I didn't notice it until the oxygen masks came down,” he tells the channel.

KPTV also published the photos Submitted by a passenger. It also shows a row of seats with a large opening in the fuselage. In a photo taken from the outside, the emergency exit hatch appears to be completely missing.

According to Alaska Airlines, no injuries were reported to any of the 174 passengers or 6 employees on board.

The airline describes what happened as an “accident.”

– The safety of our guests and employees is always our first priority, so although this type of incident is rare, the cabin crew has received training on how to handle the situation, the company said in a statement to NBC.

According to Federal Aviation Administration listings posted online, the plane was completed and approved just two months ago.

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Aircraft manufacturer Boeing says it is aware of the incident.

-We are working to obtain more information and are in contact with our airline customers. A company spokesman says a technical team from Boeing is ready to assist in the investigation.