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Airplanes that were hit by a hail storm

Airplanes that were hit by a hail storm

The pilot was praised after the accident.

This is what the plane looks like when it lands. Photo: Exithamster/

The windows were broken and the front of the plane disappeared, shocking the passengers. That's how the trip from Mallorca to Austria on Sunday can be summed up.

The flight from Austrian Airlines felt the force of the weather. Half an hour before landing, passengers felt a violent vibration in the plane.

While the passengers were unsure what was going on, things became clearer after the plane landed.

A violent hailstorm destroyed the plane's nose and windshield.

Photo: Exithamster/

Emergency services moved immediately after landing.

– We flew through a thunderstorm front, says one of the passengers after the accident.

As a result of the damage, the plane issued a mayday.

– As they approached Vienna, the plane flew into a thunderstorm cell, which, according to the cockpit crew, was not visible on the weather radar. According to current information, the aircraft's two forward cockpit windows, the nose (radar dome) and some panels were damaged by hail, the airline wrote.

After that, many passengers praised the pilot.

Many cars in Tyrol, Austria also felt cold. More than 20 cars were damaged by hailstones that were the size of golf balls.

Pictures in the newspaper Crown It shows several cars with completely damaged windshields.

The cold also caused landslides in the area.

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