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AirTurb, an innovative solar wind hybrid wind turbine that produces electricity

Dutch company AirTurb has developed an innovative wind turbine that combines wind and solar energy in one device, thus realizing an alternative to traditional energy.

Hybrid solar wind turbines produce electricity without a grid connection

The application and use of renewable energies for residential applications has been increasing in recent years, largely due to a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint and the need to reduce energy consumption.

Think about it, Dutch airturbhas developed a revolutionary wind-solar hybrid wind turbine that promises to be a cost-effective and efficient solution for both residential and applications that do not have access to the electric grid.

Airturb’s solar-wind hybrid wind turbine features

The wind and solar hybrid wind turbines are capable of generating up to 500 watts of power. It consists of vertical axis wind turbines with “Savoniusspiral modifier and four monocrystalline solar panels of 30 watts each.

It can be used in both residential and residential applications without access to the electrical network, and has a load capacity of 131 kg / m2.

about the solar panelIt consists of a galvanized steel and rubber frame measuring 1.14 x 1.14 meters and 20 mm thick and weighing 35 kg.

This base can accommodate four solar panels of 30W each, with Eco Line ES30M36 modules from German company Enjoy Solar. However, the base is compatible with other types of solar panels.

regarding wind turbines, measures 1.8 x 1.14 x 1.14 meters and weighs 70 kg. They weigh between 70kg and 100kg and can operate in temperatures between -25°C and 60°C. Each panel is made of fiberglass reinforced polyester, weighs 1.5kg and measures 1.5 x 0.7 x 1.5mm.

The wind power component includes a 300-watt axial permanent magnet flux generator (PMSA) that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, which is characterized as three-phase alternating current.

The hybrid system contains a 500-watt DualVolt Hybrid inverter. This device measures 540 x 430 x 139mm and weighs 25kg.

Wind turbine versions and price hybrid AirTurb

AirTURB - Solar Hybrid Wind Generator
AirTURB – Solar Hybrid Wind Generator

Wind turbines will be on the market in two versions, one with solar panels and the other without, and it will be available starting from the third quarter of 2023!

The price for the complete package with solar base and wind deflector will be around €4,200, excluding installation costs.

According to Airturb, this device is designed, developed and manufactured by the company itself and is assembled in the Netherlands, but is manufactured in Turkey.

Airturb’s goal is to make wind-solar hybrid wind turbines an attractive solution for homes that want to reduce their reliance on the electricity grid and become more self-sufficient. Moreover, with its compact design and ease of installation, it is ideal for places with limited space.

At the moment it is only marketed in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, although very soon the company intends to expand the offer to other European countries.

Advantages of wind and solar hybrid wind turbines

  1. Sustainability The combination of wind and solar energy makes it possible to take advantage of two sources of renewable energy, reducing dependence on non-renewable sources and contributing to environmental sustainability.
  2. Energy self-sufficiency: By producing electricity without being connected to the electricity grid, we reduce dependence on external suppliers and control our electricity production.
  3. Cost savings: Producing electricity from renewable sources can help reduce energy costs in the long run by reducing reliance on traditional energy sources, whose prices can fluctuate.
  4. Installation flexibility: Airturb’s wind and solar hybrid wind turbines can be installed in various locations, from rooftops to places where there is no access to the electric grid, thus providing a versatile solution to meet different needs.
  5. Low maintenance: With a robust and durable design, the system requires little maintenance over time, making it a suitable choice for users.

Disadvantages of solar hybrid wind turbines

Although Airturb’s wind and sun hybrid wind turbines have many advantages, it is important to consider some drawbacks:

  1. The initial cost: The initial investment can be significant, considering the price of the complete package and additional installation costs.
  2. Depend on weather conditionsEnergy production through wind turbines depends on the availability of adequate wind and sunlight, which can vary over time and in different geographical locations.
  3. Determine the generating capacityIt has an output capacity of 500 watts, which may not be enough to meet the power needs of all homes or specific applications.

Despite the aforementioned drawbacks, Airturb’s wind and solar hybrid wind turbines are a promising and sustainable alternative for producing electricity without any connection to the electrical grid.

With the increasing awareness of the importance of renewable energies, this solution could be a viable option for those who want to be more self-sufficient and sustainable in terms of energy consumption.

Video – AirTurb Model One

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