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Akiona enters 350 million railway jobs in Australia | Companies

Team Akiona Confirms its construction portfolio in Australia, where it is now offered work Hearstbridge railroad extension, In Melbourne. The value of the project is $ 530 million (About 343 million euros) And Aquino is responsible for an area where the economic sum is not disclosed.

The work assigned to Aquino includes the construction of two railway stations at Greensboro and Montmorne; Doubling the three-kilometer route between these stations, and the 1.5-kilometer route between Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen. The project also includes the development of a signal infrastructure. The end of the work is set for 2022.

The agreement relates to the Victorian government’s plan to remove 75 level intersections in the Melbourne metropolitan area. This is the fourth set Program Southern Alliance, In partnership with several Australian companies, awarded to Akiona. These include Coleman Rail, WSP and Metro trains Melbourne.

Prior to the execution, the federation must carry out technical and planning assessments, including environmental studies and geotechnical tests to determine soil conditions.

Akiona has had a presence in Australia since 2002. The latest contractors there have acquired the Lentilies Engineering portfolio and have a job presence in that market. 4,500 million Australian dollars (approximately 2,720 million euros).

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