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Al Ball - “Phone Case”: A mother complains about Ronaldo “arrogant and intimidating” and promises to address the issue (Manchester United)

Al Ball – “Phone Case”: A mother complains about Ronaldo “arrogant and intimidating” and promises to address the issue (Manchester United)

The mother of the young man from whom Cristiano Ronaldo stole a cell phone and threw it to the ground after Manchester United’s defeat against Everton last April revealed that the Portuguese player called her personally after the accident.

Sarah Kelly, mother of 14-year-old Jacob Harding, a fan of Everton but a fan of Ronaldo, gave an interview to The Mirror this Tuesday, after it became known a few days ago that the player had been punished (fine and given notice) and the case was dropped, according to Merseyside Police Press Release.

Sarah Kelly now says the player called her to try to keep the case out of the press, saying he wasn’t a bad person, and ‘threatened her’ a legal fight, saying she was in shock.

Jacob’s mother, who is autistic, who saw Ronaldo take the cell phone from her hand and throw it on the floor, leaving a bruise, says CR7 didn’t even offer to replace the device and told her things she didn’t want. .

Sarah assures the newspaper that she intends, after all, to file a lawsuit against the player, considering that the punishment was light. She says that the day after the accident, Ronaldo’s representative called her and she refused to meet, which prompted the Portuguese to call her personally: “When I hung up the first phone call I was shaking and crying, how dare you? ? Of course I know who he is.”

After speaking with Ronaldo, Sarah had no doubts: “The most arrogant man I ever spoke to. He asked me if I wanted to meet him and his family, who was not a bad father, had a difficult childhood and lost his new father. I told him I lost my father too, I am She had cancer. I didn’t even know my name. I didn’t say Jacob’s name. I said “the boy.” I knew the boy had problems, but I told him it was him who had the problems. My son has signs, isn’t that painful?” he recalls with a blast.

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He continues: “He said that he did not want the case in the press or in the courts, that he had a large team of lawyers and that he would win if this was done, and that he knew how to play with the media. Who has been in court several times. [acusação de violação em Las Vegas em 2009 e acusação de fuga aos impostos em Madrid em 2010]. Finally he asked me what I wanted from him and I said I didn’t want anything, the case was with the police. ”

Sarah also says that the family suffered abuse online, as if they had done something wrong, and that this phone call also ended in tears. “I was angry because the case was under investigation and he managed to get my number. I am disgusted that he got away with it. Neither of them exchanged my son’s phone and the internet trolls by making our lives hell. Suddenly we became the criminals and he is the innocent victim,” he said.

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