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Alain Delon asked his son to help him if he chose euthanasia, as he did with his mother

Alain Delon asked his son to help him if he chose euthanasia, as he did with his mother

Alain Delon asked his son to help him if he chose euthanasia, as he did with his mother

Anthony Dillon made this revelation in an interview with RTL Radio. He said he also did so with his mother, who died in 2021.

Anthony Delon with his father Alain Delon in 2009.

Anthony Delon, the eldest son of Alain Delon, has revealed that he promised his father that he would see him to the end if the actor decided to proceed with assisted suicide. In an interview with French radio RTL – Regarding the release of the autobiographical book “Entre chien et loup” (“Between a Dog and a Wolf”), where he recalls episodes from his childhood and talks about his relationship with his parents – Anthony admitted “Yes, that’s right, I was asked for this. ”

The actor’s request for his son was made after he was particularly impressed by the way Anthony took care of his mother, Natalie (Dillon’s ex-wife), in his latest extension. The French actress died in January 2021 of pancreatic cancer at the age of 79. “Yes, I accompanied my mother. And it is true that she decided to die as she lives, that is, when she decided, she chose euthanasia,” Anthony, 57, explained on the radio on March 13. He stressed, however, that despite our best efforts to respond to the mother’s request, “Fortunately, we did not resort to the procedure. I say happily, because everything was ready. We had the person [para o fazer]”.

Alain Delon, 86, announced the end of his career in 2017. Two years later, in 2019, he had a double stroke. Dillon, who has lived in Switzerland since 1978 – where assisted suicide is considered legal – has spoken out in favor of euthanasia several times. One of them occurred in one of his recent interviews with a Swiss TV channel where he stated that “from a certain age onwards, a person has the right to leave peacefully, without going through hospitals, injections and the rest …”, adding that he considers it “the most logical and natural thing”.

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Considered a legend of French and European cinema, Alain Delon has starred in nearly 80 films during the half-century of his career. It was directed by great filmmakers such as Jean-Pierre Melville, Luchino Visconti, Joseph Lucy, or Michelangelo Antonioni. He played significant roles in “Rocco and his Brothers”, “The Sun as a Witness”, “Tiger”, “The Samurai”, among many other films. The last movie he starred in was “Asterix at the Olympics” in 2008.

In the 1960s and ’70s, he was considered darling both for the characters he had in cinema, and for the (controversial) relationships he had with equally famous actresses of the time such as Romy Schneider, Mireille d’Arc or Anne Parillade.