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Alberto of Monaco confirmed that Charlene does not live in the palace

Alberto of Monaco confirmed that Charlene does not live in the palace

the prince Alberto From Monaco he gave a recent talk about the health of the princess Charlene. Six months later in South Africa, the twins’ mother treated a serious ear, nose and throat infection jack NS Gabriella He returned to the emirate this month. However, the first news of the return of the princess indicated that she would live not in the palace, but in an apartment located near the residence of Grimaldi.

In an interview with the newspaper Monaco morningIn addition to talking about the state of health of the woman, Prince Alberto emphasized that the princess not only lives in the palace, but is not even in the principality. It is better, but it still needs rest and peace. It’s not in the principality, but we’ll be able to visit it soon. I can’t say more than that, to estimate. You feel tired, not only physically, and you can only cure it with a period of rest and observation.”, I showed.

The information appeared that Charlene would not live in the palace as soon as she returned to Monaco and was introduced by her sister-in-law, Chantelle WittstockIn an interview with the Daily Mail.

It is reported that earlier this week, the royal house issued a statement stating that the princess will not participate in the national festival, which is celebrated on Friday 19 November. “Their Royal Highnesses have decided to begin the period of calm and rest necessary to ensure the best recovery of Princess Charlene’s health. Considering that she has struggled with her health issues in recent months, the Princess is currently recovering and will continue to do so over the next few weeks, as she recovers from a state of deep general fatigue. Protecting your comfort and privacy is essential to your recovery, so the location of the princess will remain strictly confidential. Because of this situation, the American couple regret to announce that Princess Charlene will not be able to attend this year’s national festival, nor the celebrations with her family and the people of Monaco.”, said the release.