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Alec Baldwin, author of A Dangerous Scene on a Western Set: Photos of the Actor After the Drama were Disastrous.

Alec Baldwin, author of A Dangerous Scene on a Western Set: Photos of the Actor After the Drama were Disastrous.

Comedian Alec Baldwin “accidentally” killed the photo director and wounded the West “Rust” director on Thursday, October 21st. The play appears to be related to a gun used as a stumbling block during a scene in the film.

A shooting goes wrong. Alec Baldwin, the American actor, accidentally killed the photo director, injuring the director of the Western “Rust” he co-produced, this Thursday, October 21. Filming is currently taking place in the US state of New Mexico. The 42-year-old woman was airlifted to a nearby hospital by helicopter, but “died” while a second victim was admitted to the intensive care unit, state services say. In a statement to AFP.

Breaking: After Alec Baldwin accidentally shot the cinematographer on his new film set and injured the writer-director. How on earth would this have happened?
Pictures: Jim Weber@theewmexican

– ியர்piersmorgan October 22, 2021

According to investigators who went to the scene after receiving an emergency call, the play appears to have been attached to a gun used as an accessory in the set and was activated during a scene in the film. “Investigators are trying to determine what type of projectile was fired and how,” the report said, noting how many shots were fired.

Deadline, who specializes in entertainment according to the site, said one of the actors in “Rust” would have fired a weapon during a rehearsal without suspecting that there were live ammunition. A production spokesman confirmed to the scene that “there was an accident today at Rust + Set in New Mexico with the accidental shooting of an empty revolver.” “Production has stopped for now. Our priority is the safety of our cast and crew,” the spokesman added.

Former Brandon Lee

The shooting site, Bonanza Creek Ranch, which is widely used in Western countries, was cordoned off Thursday afternoon, local media reported. “Rust” is a Western film written and directed by Joel Chowdhury, co-produced by Alec Baldwin and executed for the murder of his 13-year-old grandson, Illegal Harland Rust.

63-year-old Alec Baldwin has made a name for himself in the United States in recent years for his fake roles on Donald Trump’s satirical show “Saturday Night Live.” A photo posted on the artist’s Instagram account on Thursday morning shows him long before the play, showing him at the location of the “Rust” shoot, in which the famous Australian Travis film as Rockner Lotbrock in the “Vikings” series. .

In March 1993, actor Brandon Lee died on the set of “The Crow” after being shot in the stomach. The 27-year-old son of martial arts star Bruce Lee was believed to have only hollow bullets used to fire a gun during a scene. But an autopsy revealed he had been hit by a .44 caliber missile, which got stuck in the barrel and exploded as an empty cart exploded. The attorney in charge of the investigation concluded “with negligence.”

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