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Alec Baldwin calls the police on a movie set - VG

Alec Baldwin calls the police on a movie set – VG

Safety: Alec Baldwin claims better security when using weapons while shooting. Here on a phone call in the parking lot outside the police station in Santa Fe on October 21.

After the tragic accident that cost the photographer his life, Alec Baldwin calls for stricter security measures when guns are used on film sets.

At the end of October, things really went wrong in connection with the filming of the western film “Rust”.

By chance, the world-famous actor arrived Alec Baldwin for cinematography by Helena Hutchins. She died of her injuries. Director Joel Sousa was also injured.

The prop weapon used during shooting was supposed to contain gunpowder, but it still fired lethal shots.

In a Twitter message, Baldwin is now calling for improved safety when using weapons while shooting.

“All movies and TV that use pistols, fake or otherwise, must hire police to be on site and monitor gun safety,” he writes.

– She was from the family

Alec Baldwin never made that secret before Crushed after the tragedyWhich cost his friend and colleague his life.

In an interview with TMZ He said such shootings only happen “once in a billion times”.

“It happens from time to time on set, but not like that,” said Alec Baldwin.

Film set: Aerial view of the Bonanza Creek ranch in Santa Fe where actor Alec Baldwin fires a propaganda weapon, killing photographer Harleen Hutchins.

Videographer Hutchins, who lost his life on set, was close to him and expressed his deep sorrow at the loss.

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– She was from the family, Alec Baldwin told TMZ and added:

– We were a well-oiled machine working on this movie, and then this horrific accident happened.

No charges have been filed in the case yet, but police are still investigating. Fees are expected.