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Alec Baldwin has been targeted by a new lawsuit in connection with a dangerous rust incident

Alec Baldwin has been targeted by a new lawsuit in connection with a dangerous rust incident

The family of photojournalist Halina Hutchins was accidentally killed during a Western shoot RustHas decided to file a complaint against actor and producer Alec Baldwin.

Actor last October Alec Baldwin (Beetles, working woman, intruders) Santa Fe (New Mexico) was involved in a fatal accident while filming in the West. Rust – She was one of the producers – it took the lives of cinematographer Halina Hutchins and injured director Joel Sosa. The incident involving a faulty revolver shook the Hollywood industry and re-ignited the debate over the use of real guns in movie collections in the absence of counterfeit weapons.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, civil action has multiplied, especially on behalf of the film crew: Sergei Svetnoy, lighting designer and mummy Mitchell, screenwriter, Alec Baldwin. Meanwhile, shooting armor maker Hannah Guterres-Reid filed a complaint against the person who provided the product with fake cartridges for the film, while Cheryl Schaefer, the doctor in charge during filming, recently complained about the assistant. Director, armor and props, but not Alec Baldwin.

The actor, on the other hand, is subject to a new complaint, this time about the victim, Halina Hutchins, who was wounded in the accidental shooting of a revolver held by Baldwin, who later pleaded not guilty during an interview. To the ABC channel. Thus, the family is seeking compensation. Substantial “Husband and son Halina Hutchins’ lawyer Brian Panish pointed out. Dangerous behavior The question was raised about the cost-saving measures taken by the cast and crew of the film and the shortcomings of the film. The latter, advances that the team is not protected during catches that require firing bullets, and that a dummy revolver should have been preferred over a functional weapon. A criminal investigation is still underway to find the source of the explosives that triggered the incident.

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