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Alec Baldwin on confiscating your private phone:

Alec Baldwin on confiscating your private phone:

In December 2021, it became known that Police wanted to confiscate Alec Baldwin’s phone to find more evidence after the group shooting rust.” It reports Reuters.

At the same time, Baldwin denied the accusations that he tried to obstruct the investigation.

It can be phone proof

Investigators want to investigate Baldwin’s messages, emails, social networks and the browser to learn more about what happened. This appeared in a statement submitted to the court in Santa Fe.

“There may be evidence on the phone, as some people use the mobile phone during and/or after the crime,” the statement read.

Police believe that several letters and emails regarding Rust’s recording were sent and received during the time the interviews were conducted with those involved.

Killed on set

Halyna Hutchings was shot and killed when Baldwin’s gun exploded on the set of “Rust” in October 2021. Baldwin himself denies any responsibility for the shooting and does not know why the gun was loaded with sharpened ammunition.

Shotgun: Baldwin himself denies any responsibility in connection with the shooting and it is not known why the gun was loaded with sharpened ammunition. Photo: Jim Weber/AP

The first interview, which followed the incident of Hollywood star Alec Baldwin, was published in December 2021.

– I didn’t pull the gun, says Baldwin in the interview shown on ABC News.

“I would never refer to anyone with a gun and scurrying off,” he says and piles into uncertainty as to why there are sharp shots in the movie at all.

– They can’t do that

According to a report from the investigations, Alec Baldwin’s phone has not been handed over to the police investigating the tragic accident that occurred on October 21, 2021.

In a video on her official instagram profile, Baldwin answers why he hasn’t turned over his phone yet, and says every hint that he doesn’t want to help with the investigation is a lie.

Baldwin filmed himself from the driver’s seat, saying it would take time to extract information from his phone, and referred it to authorities in New Mexico.

Someone from another country can’t come to you and say “give me your phone”. They need to define exactly what they want. Baldwin says in the video that they can’t just browse your phone and take your pictures or your girlfriend’s love letters to your wife or whatever you have.

One of Baldwin’s attorneys, Aaron Dyer, previously stated that Baldwin and his family, as well as personal information unrelated to the investigation, should be protected.

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