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Alec Baldwin sued again by family of marines killed in Afghanistan

Alec Baldwin sued again by family of marines killed in Afghanistan

Riley J McCollumwas one of 13 marines killed during the suicide bombing at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan in August 2021. His family is suing again Alec Baldwin.

The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York last Friday, August 26, according to The New York Times. How does the actor participate in this? We will go there.

Upon learning of what had happened, Alec sent a check for about 5,000 euros to the widow of the 20-year-old soldier, who had a newborn daughter. However, in January 2022, the actor managed to access a post on Instagram by Riley’s sister, Royce McCollum, as she celebrated the conquest of the United States Capitol by supporters Donald TrumpIn January 2021. Royce celebrated the first anniversary of the event, but was not present at the demonstrations.

exchange messages

In the post’s comment box, the actor wrote the following. “Are you the same woman who sent her money for your brother’s wife who died while leaving Afghanistan?”. Alec also sent him a private message. “When you sent the money to your late brother, out of respect for his services to the country, I didn’t know you were a January 6 protester.”He said.

Royce replied: The protest is legal in the country and I have already spoken to the FBI. thanks and have a nice day!”. Here’s a text message: “I don’t think so. Their activities resulted in the unfortunate destruction of government property, the death of a bailiff, and the attack on a legitimate presidential election. I shared your photo. Good luck, may God bless you.”

The actor kept his promise and shared it on his Facebook account. Instagram (who has over 2.5 million followers) Photo posted by Roice, which was flooded after 20 minutes Hostile, aggressive and hate messagesaccording to the process, which also states that Charitable deeds in the beginning [do ator] It turned into a nightmare.”

Soldier’s sisters Royce and Cheyenne and his widow Jane received several letters accusing them of involvement in extremist and Nazi groups and demanding that they return the money to Alec Baldwin.

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Request compensation and jury trial

Riley’s family thinks c “Alec Baldwin’s actions were negligent and irresponsible, he should have known the consequences of inciting millions of his followers.” demanding a jury trial and compensation of approximately 25 million euros for “Intrusion of privacy, defamation, and willful infliction of emotional distress”.

The lawsuit itself was actually filed by the family in January 2022, but was eventually filed in May by a Wyoming state court on the grounds that it was outside the jurisdiction in which Baldwin lives (the actor lives in New York). The actor has not commented publicly on the matter.