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Alec Baldwin will not be charged with murder after the murder of his co-worker

Alec Baldwin will not be charged with murder after the murder of his co-worker

American actor Alec Baldwin will not be charged with murder, after he fired a gun that was part of the props on the filming of a movie.

The bullet killed the director of photography and slightly injured the director.

The weapon fired was one of three that were placed on a pillar carriage outside the wooden church where the scene was on display, according to records.

According to the authorities, Hulse removed the rifle from the wagon and handed it to Baldwin without knowing that it was loaded with real cartridges.

The number of cartridges fired remains uncertain, with the casing removed from the rifle following the incident by Hannah Gutierrez, the gunsmith in charge of the firing position.

The weapon was then handed over to the police when he arrived at the scene.

Some weapons used as real props

The police have already started an investigation. The actor says he feels devastated.

Rust was filmed on a farm in the US state of New Mexico, when the unexpected happened.

The two injured are film director Joel Souza and director of photography Helena Hutchins, 42. He was taken in an ambulance to the hospital but left. The person responsible for the film’s image will eventually be flown by helicopter to the hospital, where she will eventually be pronounced dead.

Halina was originally from Ukraine. He grew up on a Soviet military base in the Arctic Circle and graduated in journalism in Kiev. He conducted investigative journalism and was a documentary filmmaker, before devoting himself to cinema in the United States. He’s been working on novels for a few years, but won a Breakthrough Award in 2019.

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In Hollywood, it is common to use prop guns Shoot empty cartridges To make the scene realistic. The cinematographer often stands near the shot to capture it closely.

Written and directed by Joel Sousa, Rust tells the story of outlaw Harland Rust, played by Alec Baldwin, who comes to the aid of his 13-year-old grandson, who has been sentenced to death for murder.

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