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Alec Baldwin's daughter comes to her father's defense

Alec Baldwin’s daughter comes to her father’s defense

Ireland Baldwin throws himself at anyone who calls his father a murderer. After the accident that killed Helena Hutchins, the actor was attacked by Trump supporters.

With the investigation into the accident that killed director of photography Helena Hutchins while filming “Rust” still far from complete, opinions are divided and there are those taking advantage of attacking Alec Baldwin for his past behavior. It was the 63-year-old actor who shot, which, without even knowing why, was loaded with real ammunition and not dry powder, as was supposed to happen in fiction.

Presenter Candice Owens, known as a pro-Trump activist, was one of those who spoke out on the subject, sparking controversy. He wrote on Twitter, “Alec Baldwin has spent four years dedicating himself to portraying Donald Trump and his supporters as vicious killers. What happened to Alec would be an example of poetic justice had it not been for the innocents killed by him.” The daughter of the protagonist did not like it and responded and shared the post on Instagram. “You are the most disgusting, hateful, and cancerous human being I have ever met. Regardless of your filthy opinions most of the time, you don’t respect the life of a woman who was accidentally and tragically killed,” the actress and model inhaled as well. And the young woman declared that as a result she would “take a break” in that social network. “I feel ashamed of [respirar] The same air as this woman.”

Ireland stressed that “a woman’s life was lost” and that Candice’s tweets and “lack of information and ignorance are hurting people”. Candice ended up deleting the post, but followers continued to show photos of him, stating that “the Internet is forever.”

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political influence

Coincidence or not, earlier this week, Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of a former US president, caused a revolution by displaying T-shirts for sale on his website with the phrase “guns don’t kill people, Alec Baldwin kills people.” In addition, he released several publications mocking what happened. Speaking of the situation after in recent years, when his father was in power, the artist mocked him on “Saturday Night Live”.

Other Republicans have also politicized the issue with the hashtag #AlecForPrison.

This happened when the Halina family actually publicly disclaimed Alec Baldwin.