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Alentejo Science and Technology Park opens “immersive rooms”

Alentejo Science and Technology Park opens “immersive rooms”

Tomorrow, Monday, at 5:30 p.m., the Park of Alentejo Science and Technology (PACT), based in Évora, will open two new spaces, a collaborative and gaming laboratory and the Future Room, with an investment of 130,000 euros.

According to PACT, these two “immersive rooms” are “equipped for gaming, virtual reality and other technologies” to try out and develop projects and applications, and are available to businesses in the park and to the Alentejo community and students.

One of the rooms is the Collaboration and Gaming Lab, which contains “advanced computers for experimenting or developing individual or team 'games', artificial intelligence or other projects that require high-capacity graphics cards, as well as immersive experiences using virtual reality headsets.” PACT's source explained to Lusa.

The Room of the Future offers “the possibility of an immersive experience of more than 180 degrees, thanks to almost complete coverage of the space with high-resolution dynamic panels, with the ability to display content in real time and simplify multimedia meetings,” among other things. Possibilities.

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