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Alexandra lincaster hell.  Accused of being a bad and negligent professional – Nacional

Alexandra lincaster hell. Accused of being a bad and negligent professional – Nacional

Alexandra Lincaster at the center of the hurricane. The 58-year-old actress who recently left SIC for TVI, leaving behind criticism that she was a bad professional at times, is now embroiled in another controversy: she has been left behind.

The actress recently moved into her home and carried out several works at the luxury villa, and now the company is complaining that Alexandra has not paid everything it claims she is owed, Correio da Manhá says on Saturday, reinforcing news that has emerged in recent days about this same controversy. . In addition to his unwillingness to pay for what is allegedly still missing, Lencaster refuses any contact with those responsible for the company that carried out the works.

After five years of living in a luxurious mansion in Peña de France, Alexandra Lencaster has moved on To Galamares, as reported by TV Guia, in mid-September. The actress’s friends describe the chosen property as a “giant palace.” It consists of a spacious plot of more than 4 thousand square meters and a completely renovated caretaker’s house. The main house has at least six bedrooms and four more. In the annex there are three additional bedrooms and a large hall.

In addition to all this, moving to TVI, where she returned after being “tempted to return” by José Eduardo Muñiz, one of her biggest fans, Alexandra was recognized as having the behavior of a diva: she misses recordings, invents illnesses and does not. Attend scheduled events.

At SIC, despite everything, they will have breathed a sigh of relief with the departure of Alexandra, which will force the wonderful gymnastics in the production of the series in which she participated due to the loss of some recordings, having to make last-minute changes.

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There is also news that she will be doing the same on TVI. So far, the actress has not yet reacted to the controversy in which her name has been implicated.