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Alexandra Lincaster is accused of abandoning two dogs – a ferret

Alexandra Lincaster is accused of abandoning two dogs – a ferret

The animals were delivered to the association in the Algarve.

Alexandra Lincaster
Photo: Dr

01/22/2024 • 01 h 30

Alexandra Lencaster is embroiled in a new controversy. The actress is accused of abandoning animals after vowing to protect them. This was revealed by a volunteer from the animal society who reported that the TVI star had committed to keeping two dogs from the previous owner of her new home in Sintra, which she bought last year.

“This is one of the conditions,” said the lady, who was already elderly [para venda] It was staying with the animals. At first she said no, and one of her daughters said yes. So much so that the dogs are still in the name of the previous owner of the house. But Alexandra, when she got there, asked to take the dogs out of there,” this source told TV 7 Dias.

According to a source close to Alexandra, the artist's “initial intention” was to preserve animals, but she changed her mind. The actress asked friends for help, and one of them kept the dogs for five months, in a “transitional situation.” They were then handed over to Coração 100Dono – the Association for the Defense and Protection of Abandoned Animals, in the Algarve, where they are waiting to be adopted. Contacted by poisonAlexandra Lencaster did not comment.

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