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Alexandra Linkcaster on her love life: 'Age is just a number'

Alexandra Linkcaster on her love life: ‘Age is just a number’

Alexandra Linkcaster She experiences happy moments in her life, when she assumes that she is “complete and complete” both in the personal and emotional sphere, and in the professional sphere. After presenting a program on SIC Mulher, and after participating in the TV series “Amor Amor”, the actress now gives personal life. Isabellein Paço de Arcos station’s new bet, “Por Ti”.

Alexandra Linkcaster in love also lives through days of tenderness and complicity. Although the relationship with businessman Nuno Fernandez remains very secretive and away from some limelight, the actress does not deny her happiness with her partner.

In an interview with the magazine luxury. luxury This Thursday, April 7, Alexandra Linkcaster spoke candidly about the current stage of her life. The actress confessed to love: “I am a strong woman. I like to live my passion at 56 as if I were in my 20s, because even in feelings, age is just a numberHe started by saying.

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Only our maturity changes. However, I enjoy other kinds of things. I appreciate the detailsWithout hiding them, the actress also mentioned that feeling loved was one of the best recipes for self-esteem:The best remedy for self-esteem is to treat yourself well everywhere. It is about understanding and accepting as we are.“.

drive around menopauseThe actress also spoke about this “difficult period” in her life, to which the stress she had always felt in relation to the image was added: “It was a complicated stage. It is a stage where the body and emotions take over the mind. If we continue with the care we’ve had until then, we won’t see any results. We have to adapt“.

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Alexandra Linkcaster has also admitted that she is trying to lose weight because, although she isn’t obsessed with her body, she says she loves to take care of herself. “They easily point fingers at us for being a few pounds extra or having more wrinklesHe said regarding what he sees as one of the disadvantages of continuous public appearances.