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Alfredo Tavares, the 41-year-old Portuguese engineer who changed his life to set off in Hollywood - Culture

Alfredo Tavares, the 41-year-old Portuguese engineer who changed his life to set off in Hollywood – Culture

Portuguese actor and double Alfredo Tavares, who left an engineering career in France to set out in Hollywood, will make his film debut as a hero in October, in the feature film ‘Subwater’.

“It’s the first lead role in a major production,” Alfredo Tavares told Llosa, noting that he would play the head of an underwater construction company between Scotland and Denmark.

The actor, who worked between Los Angeles and London, went to study at the Cours Florent acting school in Paris at the age of 41. Two years later, he transferred to the New York School Academy and after graduating, he broke out in film and television, performing fiction and thrillers in several films and series.

“The most important movie I’ve done so far in Los Angeles was ‘Once Upon a Time… Hollywood, written by Tarantino, who picked me up from Central Casting,’” said Alfredo Tavares, who co-stars with Kurt Russell. Pete, Kurt Russell, Al Pacino, and it was amazing that I was among those people at the same time. It’s a dream.”

Although he only launched his career in 2018, and with a pandemic year in the middle, Alfredo Tavares already has a comprehensive curriculum, including titles like “Le Mans ’66: The Duel,” “Big Little Lies,” and “Bridgerton.” ‘, ‘May Destroy You’, ‘The Apprentice’ or ‘9-1-1’, among others.

He is currently filming “The Crown”, for Netflix, after participating in the fourth season, where he took on the role of Prince Charles’ bodyguard.

“The figure is decreasing and roles with lines are increasing,” the actor said. “In a couple of years, I’m already on the edge of the main cast with very little dialogue.”

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Audiences will see his next works, “Jungle Cruise” with The Rock, “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” by Andy Serkis starring Tom Hardy, “Mission Impossible 7” with Tom Cruise, and Matt Reeves “The Batman” starring Robert Pattinson.

“My dream is to make great films as a leading actor and be known all over the world,” said Alfredo Tavares, noting that this was a dream he had as a child and decided to embrace after a long career at Siemens.

The upcoming Aveiro actor said, “I believe that a person should never give up on their dream. A dream should come true now or later, but you should never give up on it.”

A black belt in karate and kickboxing, Alfredo Tavares told how his love of cinema was inspired by the films of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme. “My dream was to become an actor, but I didn’t have enough money to pay for training,” he recalls.

“It was a dream I had as a child, but I didn’t realize it right away because I was so poor, I didn’t have the money to buy bread, and my clothes were torn,” he said.

Alfredo Tavares referred to actress Daniela Roa and actor Joaquim de Almeida as Portuguese references in Hollywood, and said he aspires to reach the highest level in cinema.

“I want to represent Portugal. I want to say I have Portuguese blood,” he said. “I am very keen to show the world that I am Portuguese,” he repeated.

Emphasizing a great motivation, the actor said he exercises every day, eats only organic food and takes his health and fitness very seriously. “I want to turn 60 and be as healthy as I am in my 30s, to fulfill my dream of becoming a world-renowned actor.”

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About the success that he achieved in a short time, the actor said that his desire to play all kinds of roles and good telegram characteristics are part of the equation.

“The producers told me that my main thing was ‘looking great’. [bom visual] for the camera. My face for the camera is very good.

Interested in continuing to operate between Los Angeles and Europe, Alfredo Tavares highlighted the “quality of life” in Southern California, with good weather, good food, beaches, and less stress.

In terms of production, the Portuguese highlighted the incomparable resources found in Los Angeles. He described, “The big difference that I see as an actor is the amount of material they put in the movies. It’s all huge.” “They can build houses and hotels in the middle of the desert just to make a movie.”

This is what happened with “Le Mans ’66: The Duel” starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale. He said, “In a desert next to Los Angeles, they built a track just to compete. They built buildings around the track in 15 days and after filming they destroyed everything.” “If it was in London or anywhere else in the world, they wouldn’t be able to do that.”