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Alita on TF1: Have you seen the cameo of this famous actor?  - cinema News

Alita on TF1: Have you seen the cameo of this famous actor? – cinema News

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If you are an avid viewer, you may have seen the cameo of a famous American actor at the end of “Alida: Battle Angel” which aired on TF1 this Sunday evening. A brief look at a sequel …

At the end of Alita: War Angel, aired on TF1 this Sunday evening, a famous American actor makes a brief cameo. Did you see him? The most obvious one at the end of Robert Rodriguez’s film is Edward Norton, who plays a scene in The Big Bad Noah, a scientist living in the flying city of Salem and looking into the eyes of Vector (Maharshala Ali).

In the relevant scene, Noah tricks the city of Iron City. More precisely, Alita, now a motor ball champion, points his sword at Salem and clearly expresses his desire for revenge.

The character of Desty Noah in Masta Chin From this Alida: War Angel inspired, a mad scientist. A former Salem resident, this expert in nanotechnology was evicted from the city due to tests on humans.

The stealthy presence of Noah’s character in Alida: The War Angel says he may be given more prominence in the future. But with $ 85 million in US box office revenue “only”, will the sequel to the James Cameron-produced film be available? In a recent interview with Nerdy FoundationRobert Rodriguez, the director who worked with Disney on the Star Wars series The Book of Bopa Fett, is optimistic about this.

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Finally, it should be noted that there is not a single cameo in Alida: War Angel since Michael Rodriguez and Jay Courtney also made a short appearance in the film. The first includes the heroine’s mentor, Cyborg Kelda, and the second describes Jashukan, a motorcycle champion.

When Robert Rodriguez made James Cameron’s dream come true: