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All Albert Park 2021 Australian G.P.

The biggest change is to remove the austerity from turns 9 and 10

They will again underline and widen the five curves; The pit-path will be two meters wide

Drivers will face new challenges while traveling to Melbourne this November. The Albert Park roundabout will transform part of its path, especially two and three fields, which will also create more overtaking excitement in the ever-demanding Australian urban setting.

In November, there will be different rounds for the 20 riders on the Albert Park stage, compared to where they drove in 2019 and where they visited in March 2020 before the event was suspended. Here we explain by point all the most important changes from the smallest:

Australian Grand Prix Corporation

  • The pit-lane will be two meters wide with the aim that accidents like Daniel Ricciardo will not happen again in 2019 as the grass on the right will be removed. In addition, the system hopes to increase the speed limit to 80 km / h instead of the 60 they had in recent years.

  • Arches 1, 3, 6, 13 and 15 will be wider and they will be reprinted. They believe that this system will change the profile and width of the curves, and that these changes will allow different lines to be seen and more struggles with it.

  • The most notable change is that the chicken in turns 9 and 10 disappears. Thus the drivers reach 11 and 12 turns at high speed.

  • Finally, the full round will reappear after the 2021 race. After the Australian GP this year, they will start working on it. The organization hopes the new Asphalt is ready for the 2022 event, and it is currently unknown whether the season will reopen or play again in November.

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Andrew Westcott

Australian G.P. Andrew Westcott, chairman of the corporation, welcomed the changes and explained that work had already begun on this ‘new’ Albert Park. He also promises that they will take care of the fans and that there will be new positions for the 2021 event.

“We think this is a very exciting one. It’s the biggest change we’ve made since coming to Melbourne. New construction has already begun. In addition, we’re going to do new positions for the fans to enjoy. Race,” Westcott explained in nine words to the Australian media.

Vestacode recognizes that the current design is already obsolete for Formula 1, and 25 years later, it is clear that the time has come for them to be developed.

“Albert Park was designed and built in 1995. Most of the layouts have not been redesigned or redesigned since then. Our design is of excellent quality, but it has now come to an end.

We have made these changes to improve the competition in racing and to reward the brave riders.. What else We want to impose fines for mistakes. We expect this new design to be standard for the next 25 years, with 219 employees ready for the four – month plan, ”Westcott said.

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