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All current and future PlayStation exclusives could be coming to PC a year after launch

All current and future PlayStation exclusives could be coming to PC a year after launch

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In an interview with a French channel, the head of PlayStation Studios reveals good news for gamers on PC.

This new bet by Play Station in bringing its games to PC, which in the past two years has marked the debut of some of the most famous epics and characters outside of the closed ecosystem of Sony.

Now, in the circle of interviews conducted for Hermann Holst (head to PlayStation Studios), to various media around the world, stand out From the French channel Julian Cheesy (at 7:10 minutes), as the PlayStation chief reveals more about this plan, which promises, above all, to bring more experiences to a wider audience.

With a series of titles to be announced, among them new narrative experiences and multiplayer projects – we can find in them Recently announced in Horizon Zero DawnHulst reveals that PlayStation’s plan is to bring just about everything to the PC.

I think it’s been good for the teams, who have seen their awesome creations also launched on PC, often with the help of the newly acquired team at Nixxes. There are more players and that helps a lot. I think from now on we’ll see at least a year between releases on our platform, PlayStation, and PC. Perhaps except for the online environment games. These games are slightly different in nature, as they require strong communities to participate since launch, so in this case, these games will be released simultaneously with PC and PlayStation platform.. Holst comments.

In this long comment, two points stand out. Moving forward, we can speculate that almost all versions of PlayStation Studios games will be released on PC each year, effectively making them temporary exclusives, with rare exceptions. Something we’ve seen more and more as an absolute truth, as the few games of this generation that haven’t yet made it to PC, for example Apart from Ratchet and Clank Rift or demon souls.

As for games in the online environment, the so-called multiplayer games, because they are looking for the largest possible number of players, will already be launched simultaneously. At the moment we don’t have any specific examples, but we can speculate that this is the case for games like the online project the last of us And the Horizon Zero Dawn collaborative project that has been talked about in recent days.

Again, these statements, as exciting as they are for PC gamers, are not an absolute rule and only time and PlayStation Studios will determine it. But do not be surprised that a file Forbidden horizon west or one who has not yet been released, God of War: RagnarokCan’t access a computer near you anytime soon.

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